Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mapping the DEN Story with Lee Kolbert

The DEN is getting geared up for the Spring and we are looking for a creative way to visually tell the DEN story. We looked to our DEN Guru for Professional Networking, Lee Kolbert.

We decided that we wanted to map out the reach of the DEN and found a great example from Lee.

From the DENny Award-winning Geeky Momma's Blog:

On April 24, I will be the first speaker of the day for the Discovery Educator Spring Virtual Conference. This day will be filled with FREE virtual (and in-person) staff development events, all centered around making global connections. You can register here.

My session, on building your personal learning network, is called "Connections, Conversations, and Collaborations: Creating a Personal Learning Network That Works For You." I plan to share the many ways I've built up my PLN and also how I bring my PLN into my classroom where I get to give my students some truly unique experiences. I'll also show the many ways my PLN has come to my rescue in times of need and the few extraordinary career opportunities that have come my way. I want everyone to enjoy the benefits of having a strong PLN, so I'll be sharing lots of tips and tricks on building your own PLN, and nurturing it to maximize it's potential.
Connect the Thoughts is the DEN Spring Virtual Conference's 2010 theme, and what better way to connect the thoughts than by mapping DEN connections. We invite all DEN STARs to place themselves on the map by clicking here and include the following information in their placemark:

1. Name
2. Professional Role
3. Where can we find you online? (Twitter, blog, wiki, etc.)
4. How has the DEN impacted your professional practice?

View The DEN in a larger map

If you aren’t sure how to add yourself to this map, check out LeeKolbert’s tutorial.

After you connect your thoughts and put yourself on the DEN map, check out the Spring Virtual Conference Schedule and register today.

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